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Hello World! I'm a Computer Science Engineering Major at Guru Ghasidas University, Bilaspur.

Currently, I'm in third year. Classes are not as fun as I thought they would be. The town I'm living in is definitely not. So, I'm mostly impelled to stay at room and explore stuff primarily through my laptop, besides pointless hangouts with friends. It has it's perks though, I got to work on many different technologies, explored competitve programming and open source, and watched tonnes of movies too.

Ping me if you want to show me something cool, tell me about any opportunity, or talk some CS.

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Processing JS

I first started coding on Khan Academy, where I learned ProcessingJS; based on ES5.

Made few drawings, animations, simulations and few games while learing on KA.

Hybrid App with Ionic Framework

Hybrid app are the apps that can be build for both Android and iOS with the same code. It was made for India Village Vision, (some) missionary organisation.

The Ionic framework used, is built on top of Angular4 and Apache Cordova. It required use of HTML, SASS(Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets), TypeScript(ES6).

For the backend connectivity- cloud functions for notifications, Database, Authentication, Storage; We(me along with a senior) used Firebase.

Visual Basic .NET

Visual Basic is considered dead by many tech blogs. But our college thinks otherwise. It was compulsory subject during 5th semester.

Visual Studio however, makes it really fun to make Windows Form Applications in .NET. It has a graphical designer for forms. Linting and auto-formatting makes it very easy to code, whereas it's event-driven structure makes it easier to implement the logic.

I played a lot with the Visual Studio, but the one notable application I made was a multipurpose calculator. It is a combination of Scientic Calculator, Graphing Calculator, Vector/Matrix Calculator and Statistics Calculator. It has various numerical alogrithms in it.

Backend Development with NodeJS.

Currently, I'm working on an upcoming ecommerce startup's server side scripting.

We are using NodeJS and MongoDB as database. This project is particularly interesting- as opposed to normal authentication flow, there are serveral types of users, with different APIs and are linked to one another.

The App is released on play store (although a lot of work is left):

I couldn't list out all of my projects and works - Many among them are not large scale works; while some lack online references. Although, you can find lot of my other works in the links below.

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